Beach boys/girls,wealth and witchcraft

its high tourism season on kenyas coastal concides with the holy month of diani,a small town in north coast of mombasa,dreadlocked young men litter the street driving expensive off road cars.notwithstanding,their female counterparts,lean and lanky ladies in their twenties in black goggles crisscross the streets in the same fad.its harvest time and the unlucky ones are bound to immense overnight wealth enough to hire a supersonic plane to a tour around the world.thanks and kudos to local medicinemen and their cannot win a tourist aka pensioner just for your looks,love or sex need not pronounce a simple english,italian or german word to woo a white suitor:love portion will work wonders!if you are a tourist and on winning yourself a lover,count yourself lucky if you will not be taken unknowingly for a walk along the beaches where the love covenant will be sealed.what if you have come to enjoy an underage,the procedure is the same.the innocent lad on your heart is just as clever as you. on my next post ill take you on a tour to the love lab where i let you see the ocean and all its goodies for love seekers amid money factories.g n joy.


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