Chang'aa With Semen Flavour

All along Kenyans have always cried to the government to intervene when social vices go out of hand.We have had cries and protest from all corners of the republic as concerns the influx of illicit brews.A recent waste from a rumour factory had it that,molasses raced with traces of mercury,a biproduct of sugar mills,is flooding the entire central Kenya at an alarming rate.This is used in fractional distillation of the recently legalized Chang'aa soon to hit the market with all types of brands.Its the same product that had fatal encounters with the central Kenya consumers. Young men had been turned into zombies with their female counterparts protesting publicly for lack of 'yetts'.Nursery schools are fairy tales and so is the maternity ward congestion of the early 90s.In a lame trial to save the situation,the government published the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010 brewed by a one Mr Mututho.Wise or otherwise,we are expecting a replica of the same din experienced before the enactment of the act.Unless the distilleries and brewers brand their products with vitality and stabilizers,the story continues.I have a panacea for my fellow mtkenyamafiaso,maybe Chang'aa With Semen Flavour will do a trick.


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