Toll Station township along the new superhighway.
      Toll Station, Ruiru is a mean cosmopolitan township measuring a meager 330X200 feet and studded by duly licensed 16 alcoholic drinks joints and the number looming to triple once the Toll Station / Weighbridge Plaza starts full operation before the end of this year .A ramshackle just adjacent to Kenol petrol station going by sweet name Georgina bar & restaurant leads the intrigue pack as its doors are laid open for the revelers and idlers as early as seven in the morning. Has one ever wondered why the crimes rate in the area is skyrocketing?
     Toll, as its well known, is also the home of 0 churches, 0 tertially colleges and by virtual lacks a public school nearby hence the legal qualification for alcoholic drinks licensing and ''irregurations''.
      With the expected high number of drunk stupors, not forgetting the thousands other inhabitants at the periphery, eight lanes of fast moving vehicles cuts through the place like a natural river oblivious of the human traffic on either sides of the multimillion project struggling to cross. Signs of a foot bridge erection seems to be a paper tiger with the high number of accidents within this area growing day by day.
     To whom it may concern, a snapped up solution to this social concern will be welcomed and appreciated.


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