I wish to reaffirm today my commitment to pursuing the goals I set out
to achieve in my quest for the Presidency on a United Democratic Forum (UDF)
Party ticket come the General Election in May next year.

       My supporters all over Kenya should know that I am as committed as ever
to deliver on the promise of a harmonious, stable and prosperous Kenya.

       In the past week, UDF held talks with other parties with a view to
reaching a pre-election arrangement. There are many areas of agreement and
consensus with these parties. Other parties have asked to join this broad
national people’s coalition hence the delay in hosting the ceremony at
Freedom Corner today to accommodate the signing and meeting the filling of
agreements deadline. A public announcement of the national people’s
coalition will be made before the end of the week.

       As I have had occasion to say before, the next General Election in March
2013 presents Kenyans a historic opportunity to steer our country firmly on
a path to peaceful coexistence to underpin the great economic promise of our

      I have always fashioned my politics on a non-tribal, all-inclusive and
peaceful platform. I stand for unity and have a great desire to reconcile
our people. My desire is to tap our national diversity and the tremendous
reserves of goodwill that our people possess.

      We at UDF Party remain at all times committed to work with other parties
in the wider interests of Kenya. It is why we have delayed a public
announcement to accommodate more parties. But even as we leave the door open
to new partners, we are emboldened by Henrik Ibsen’s famous words: “The
strongest man in the world is he who stands alone.”

        I want to assure my supporters that we are determined to go all the way in this race, and look forward to victory come March 4, 2013.


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