Dogs of delmonte

Whats funny about the dogs of delmonte? they are always on news and romour factories around know thika is an industrial town according to primary school books. the last time i went for a swim around bamburi beach clad in a delmonte poloshirt,i never knew it would reward me a quencher as an advertiser until a curious man offered a madavu for exchange of the story.he wanted to know if delmonte manufactures any dogs meal,and how fierce do they turn the dogs into. we ended in a pub at shanzu and it was an enjoyable passtime.he was dumbfounded on hearing the salary of a dog handler which clocks one third that of the dog itself.having worked with the company for over twenty years,i had little knowledge if not romours of what we were chatting about.its at this juncture that we discussed the types of dogs one could find in such an establishment.there are those whose tails are exposed and wag them freely and have their trousers sagged if any at all.these are the dogs which must be held by the neck by a specialised peasant.they are the dogs that advertise the company because without them,a layman wont hear of the company from a local vernacular radio station or a rumour mill. another type of marmmals is those whose tails are hidden under a pair of a trousers.the tail does not wag anyhow but somehow during the incessant good times.these are the worst type of mammals around because it will not only bark but fruently speak your mothertongue.they dont make news but are notorious for digging graves in search of power and greatness.they may hoodwink you as a friend and if you are not concious enough,you get your limb bitten off and you are no more.and you know delmonte does not employ cripples. never and not at all.let any sane force deny this! an example of this exhibit is a one alfred mwangi proud and extra smart and i guess he coowns the company.he is easily moved and dies at a little ejaculation comes retrenchment romours and stiffens when promotion jitters rule the atmosphere and thats why this kikuyu sacrificed one of our own for the life of his brother in law,a one maina macharia whom he brought beforehand to replace the hunted because he knew he would bite his hand off!it came to pass and thats why you are reading this blogs.kaninu,a master of sabotage and intrigue knows well how to hold a rifle on one hand and the king james bible on the of a self-contained man! the last time i met him is when he was preaching in his personal church about open and closed doors:the type of gospel used to give hope to the option blinds.this type of wannabe cannot survive on its own without its mentor otherwise known as the dogfather.the latter is fierce and barks once on sensing danger and the vocalist,the like of kaninu is left to bark till the tide lowers to conclude the circus. one more thing my newfound friend wanted to know is why the pineapple thieves dont ever give up stealing on seen the horrifying pictures of the captives when the famous delmonte dogs are let loose on them.i was left to wonder beyond any reasonable doubt of what would happen if a hunter become the hunted.


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