united state of delmonte?

Its not only amazing but agonising that young men will continue to lose their lives and others get maimed for life on the famous delmonte farm in thika. listening to news on monday,three young men were found shot dead and a few reported missing.What lingers in my minds is whether the company has armed guards or its the work of kenya police.ngati police post is situated at the heart of the plantation and the recent killings leaves one to wonder whether the state police post has been privatised or strategically elected there to serve the plantation.its not a wonder to see the company,s pick-ups donning armed policemen as they rove the town and its environs. pineapple theft had for sure intensified and we have heard horrifying stories of the suspects being bruttaly attacked whereas many have lost their lives inside the plantation.there had been cases of the security team unleashing dogs on the suspects and the results had been lethal.it so sad to see these inhuman attrocracies being meted against the entire delmonte neighbourhood.it hurts for an armed policeman to fire a lethal shot at unarmed petty offender whereas there are clear ways to deal with such cases.when will delmonte cease to get to war against its neighbours.its quite intriguing but this impunity and double standards must come to a halt.


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